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About Enon Baptist Church



The first record of Enon Baptist Church is dated Saturday January 9, 1864. It reads “Pursuant to a call from several brothers and sisters previously dismissed from Little River Baptist Church, a Presbytery convened at the Clayton School House to consider the propriety of recognizing themselves as a church.” Being considered by the Presbytery sound in doctrine and consistent in practice, they were recognized as a Baptist church. J. B. Marsh was unanimously elected pastor.  On July 16, 1864, the minutes state that a building committee was appointed “to select a place and procure a title for a situation for the church.”

In the early 1880’s a second church was built. It had a large sanctuary on the second floor that could seat about 400.  This building was used for worship on Sunday and as a school during the week.  The church bell in the belfry of the current fellowship hall was first used in this building. The inscription on the bell reads “donated to Enon High School and Enon Church in 1886 by E. B. Clayton”.

In 1921, Enon and Pisgah Forest churches formed a field and called Reverend E.G. Ledford as pastor. At that time a church ‘was being constructed as funds were available.’ On Christmas Day, 1921, the church was dedicated. A frame structure stained brown with beautiful stained glass windows, it would seat 300 when folding doors to the Sunday School rooms were opened.

In 1956 the church called its first fulltime pastor, the Reverend R.L. Phillips, who served until his resignation in 1964. During his tenure the church built their parsonage and Rev. Phillips and his family moved into this home in July of 1960.

On August 15, 1964 Enon celebrated 100 years of service to the community by holding a Centennial Homecoming Day.  The Sunday following Centennial Day the Rev. G.H. Shope came to be our pastor. During the first years of his leadership the membership increased such that, in 1967, ground was broken on a new building. The first service held in the completed building was February 19, 1968.


Pastors Since 1979



Rev. Tommy Madden December 1979 to 1988
Rev. Gerald Willingham January 1989 to April 1994
Rev. Frank Baker (interim) June to Nov. 1994
Rev. Perry Ripple November 1994 to Sept 1996
Rev. Wayne Sorrells (interim) June 1997
Rev. Jim Kinard July 1997 to May 1999
Rev. Tommy Madden (interim) May 1999
Rev. Tommy Madden Feb. 2000 to May 2013
Rev. Alan Thompson (interim) May 2013 to January 2015
Rev. Michael Skinner January 2015 to Present